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January 9th, 2010

Ruby Casino is commemorating this year’s Winter Olympics in a unique way – with Casinolympics! Just the thought of competing in a Casino tournament of such a grand style is astounding to me. This mega event will be taking place from 11th February onward but you can get assigned to the various teams in this Casino promotion by sending in an email request. This is definitely an exciting Casino event to watch out for.

But for now you get the 2010 Liftoff Casino promotion which you can join throughout January. Get your pre-buy tickets and aim to get the most Casinos on the special ‘2010 Liftoff’ pattern in the Cloud Nine Room at Ruby Casino. Playing with pre-buy tickets means you won’t need to be in the chat room to get your wins, which also means you can play much more Casino online this January at your favourite Casino site!

The top 10 players in this contest get to win bonus money prizes this month. Get into the top seat and you win £75BBs, in 2nd place you get £50BBs, 3rd prize will fetch you £25BBs and for coming in the 4th to 10th place you get £10BBs. Winning that many Casino bonuses means that many more free Casino games to play!

There’s another Casino promotion at RubyCasino this January in which all your online Casino games get counted! The results of the Joyful January Contest are decided by the number of Casino games you play throughout the month and the top 10 players stand to win more Casino bonuses yet.

But if you’re looking for Casino jackpots and cash prizes to be won then hop into the Cloud Nine Room at Ruby Casino. You get 4 hour-long sessions of exciting online Casino games here at 2pm, 6pm, 9pm and at midnight in Cash Countdown. With tickets costing just 10p you get a free ticket on every 5 purchases and the prize value gets bigger at a head-spinning speed!

Click here to play Casino online at Ruby Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog serving you the latest news and Casino promotions in UK online Casino on a platter!

888ladies Casino Golden Game – the biggest game ever!
January 8th, 2010

888ladies Casino has come up with what will in all probability be the traffic stopping event of this year. They’re hosting the biggest ever Casino game in internet Casino on 17th February with a shattering prize ‘tag’ of £5,000,000! It’s no wonder then that they’re giving out Golden Tickets for this Casino jackpot!

No, these tickets are not made of gold; at least I can’t imagine them so. LOL! 888ladies Casino is giving away 30 of these Golden Tickets every day from 4th January till 10th February and you don’t have to buy them, you have to win your Golden Tickets and you get 5 ways to do it!

For newbies at 888ladies Casino there are 10 Golden Tickets to be won on your very first deposit! Yay! Every day there’s a raffle held for all the newcomers who’ve made their 1st deposit and you get your entry in this draw on same day.

Wager £50 or more on Instant Games to win 5 Golden Tickets every day. Just by doing that you can get your entries into a daily raffle at 888ladies Casino on the same day to scoop up your gold!

If 75 ball Casino games are your favourites then the Ladies First Casino room at 888ladiesCasino has 5 scheduled online Casino games where you can win £50 plus 5 Golden Tickets! With Casino cards priced at just 5p each grab the maximum 48 cards and get your Casinos in these special Casino games which are held at 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.45pm and 7.45pm.

For Gold ladies at 888ladies Casino there are 5 exclusive Golden Tickets going out daily. Get Full House Casinos in the special Casino games held in the Champagne Time Room every day at 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Win your £50 prize plus these special tickets on Casino cards costing just 5p each and you can play with up to 24 cards.

And finally the best way to win the Golden Tickets: get 5 tickets absolutely free every day by playing free Casino games at 888ladies Casino! Play the 5 scheduled free Casino games in Studio 75 at 7am, 9am, 3pm, 6pm and at midnight to win these freebies. GL! GL!

Click here to play Casino online at 888ladies Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog dishing up the latest Casino promotions and updates in UK online Casino just for you!

 Wink Casino Winkmania continues into the New Year!
January 7th, 2010

At Wink Casino the Christmas party is still on as the much awaited Win A Mini Game which was supposed to be held on 1st January has been rescheduled. This massive Casino game will now be playing on 10th January! So if you had travel plans during the New Year weekend and thought you were going to miss it then here’s your big chance to win the beautiful Mini Cooper.

Now give yourself the ultimate makeover with this hot little Mini and zip into 2010 with terrific panache. Just the thing to catch all the eyeballs as you cruise down your street! To win it you’ll have to join this 90 ball Casino game in the special New Year Mini Room at Wink Casino on 10th January at 9pm.

But before you do that grab a bunch of Casino cards for this very special game of 2010 at £5 each and get ready to scoop up a cool £500 bucks for 1 line, you could also win £1000 for 2 lines but the Full House winner gets to drive away the hottest prize of the year at Wink Casino!

One of the good things about this Casino promotion is that you can even earn free Casino cards for this amazing Casino game at Wink Casino! All you need to do is collect and hoard up your Mini Mania Competition points – 500 of these points will get you 1 free Casino card for playing in this online Casino game.

And here’s how you can earn your Mini Mania points at WinkCasino: if you like playing Instant Games then for every wager of £25 you get 1 point and £5 spent on your online Casino games will fetch you 2 points. Every time you win on the number 1 in your Casino games you get 5 points and there are 10 points to be earned for getting your Casino on the Miniwink pattern!

Unless you want to wait for another year to go by and more such terrific Casino promotions to come grab this opportunity at Wink Casino and hit the Casino jackpot to win your car!

Click here to play Casino online at Wink Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog bringing you the latest news and promotions in UK online Casino.

William Hill Casino special Casino promotion celebrating the New Year!
January 6th, 2010

At William Hill Casino there’s a double celebration for the New Year and the new decade – so in honour of the year 2010 they’re giving you a special 2010 Casino promotion this January called Win a Share of £10,000! So let’s see how many 20s and 10s you can get in this special Casino promotion.

This online Casino promotion will be running from 1st January till 10th January at WilliamHillCasino in the Community Room. Apart from Casino Linx as well as Free Casino games which are excluded from this special promotion you can play this Casino promotion with all the other Casino games that are played out in the Community Room during the event days.

On each of the event days the prize amount you get in this William Hill Casino promotion is £10,000 which will be split in two: half of the prize money goes to everyone playing Casino online and calling Full House on the number ‘20’ in your Casino games on any of these days till 10th January and they get to share the cash prize of £5000. While the other half gets shared by all the roomies who didn’t win their Casino games and they get to share BBs worth £5000.

While in the Community Room of William Hill Casino there’s a Big Money Game coming up tonight at 10.04pm – on every Wednesday you get a chance to grab a cool £500 on 5p tickets! You can pick up a quick £100 for 1 line, £150 for 2 lines and for Full House you can win £250 in this weekly pre-buy Casino game.

Join the celebration and you can double up your chances for winning in both these Casino promotions at William Hill Casino. Now wouldn’t that give you the perfect take off into the New Year and also help pay off all those heavy bills you’ve probably picked up along with your Christmas shopping!

Click here to play Casino online at William Hill Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog bringing you the latest news and promotions in UK online Casino.

Paddy Power Casino has a Casino Sale this January!
January 5th, 2010

This January Paddy Power Casino brought down the ticket prices which you normally pay for your favourite Casino games, so starting 4th January till 31st January you can simply gorge without worrying too much about your wallet!

After all the excesses of the holiday season – where I’m sure you did get some great winnings in your online Casino games and Casino jackpots as well to make Xmas that much more special – its now time to dig at the bottom of the barrel. Or then again, why not simply log in at the Sapphire Room at Paddy Power Casino from 6pm till 8pm to catch some of the best bargains in internet Casino.

Happily though to play Casino online at PaddyPowerCasino you can leave aside your wallet and just raid the piggy bank instead! You’re going to need those pennies for the Casino Sale Casino promotion, which promises to bring you lots of fun this month. With the BOGOF Casino games all you’ll need are 1p, 2p and 5p coins; and then you have the Free Casino games which can help you grab some free cash.

In the other Casino promotions at Paddy Power Casino the Last Chance Saloon Casino games now come with tickets priced at just 2p and 5p. But if you’re looking for some big cash action then there’s another brilliant Casino promotion for you called simply Win 1000s this January, also running from 4th January till 31st January, which is sure to generate enough heat to build up steam in this chilly weather!

To qualify and win £100 in this daily draw you just have to spend £10 on your Casino games or side games and more importantly send in an email detailing how you could use the £100 to bring in the cheer this January – everybody needs a post-holidays pick-me-up so I’m sure you’ll think of something great!

Click here to play Casino online at Paddy Power Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog bringing you the latest news and promotions in UK online Casino.

Tea and Casino makes your day special
December 15th, 2009

Tea and Casino make for a perfect morning’s entertainment – for that matter it works fine in the afternoon, evening or even late in the night! But I’m not talking about a cup of tea – Tea and Casino is a UK online Casino site that I’ve recently visited and simply have to tell you how much I loved it.

To begin with having your morning cuppa, or anytime cuppa, while you play Casino online is the perfect way to do things. And when you get a Casino site like TeaandCasino which is a visual treat, playing all your favourite Casino games there becomes a double pleasure! Check it out for yourself and you’ll know what I mean.

But let me tell a bit here and now: you become a part of the Loyal-Tea Club at Tea and Casino when you register to spend £10 you get your 100% bonus and you can go on to receive VIP passes to the exclusive private Casino room, become an honorary CM apart from many other benefits!

There’s simply so much to do at Tea and Casino along with playing 90-ball Casino games and Casino jackpots. In the Bags of Bargain Casino promotion you get superb deals like BOGOF games, penny Casino and even buy 1 get 2 free Casino tickets in the Casino-O-Rama Room! And yes, you get free Casino tickets in the Frog and Crown Room where the first round at 7pm every evening is free including a win of £10!

In the Sweet Shop Room at Tea and Casino you get a Penny Pick n’ Mix hour from 2pm-3pm everyday with Casino tickets priced at 1p, 2p and 3p! Now you can leave aside your wallet and just play with the piggy bank instead and win big cash prizes even as you get loads of Casino fun.

Cookie Jar, Tea-Totalled, Tea Cup n’Saucer might not sound like names for Casino games but these are Progressive Jackpots you can play at Tea and Casino! Or you could play the guaranteed Casino jackpots like Kerching Jackpot and Quickity Quids with prizes worth £2500 and Jumpin’ Jackpots for £500 prize money.

Before you join any of the Casino promotions at Tea and Casino get your free Tea-Leaf Reading and find out what your lucky number for the day is! Have fun like I did!

Click here to play Casino online at Tea and Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog dishing up the latest Casino promotions and updates in UK online Casino just for you!

Posh Casino Countdown to Christmas
December 14th, 2009

The Posh Casino Christmas Casino promotion is finally out of the oven and boy is it hot! They know just what you need and are giving it to you: cash! Well, you know the old chestnut about wants and needs so get ready to get flush with some much appreciated moolah as the countdown to Crimbo begins.

While you fill up all those stockings with treats, stock up on crackers for the special feast, hunt around for gifts to put under the tree which won’t max your card limit; PoshCasino gives you something just for you – that’s £500 smackers! Now pay off those huge bills simply by playing online Casino games in 12 Days of Xmas.

From Monday 14th December till Friday 25th December you can keep winning £500 on every single evening in the brand new Casino promotion 12 Days of Xmas at Posh Casino. But take a quick guess as to what you can get to win on Christmas day. Not cash this time; you’ve got 11 days to gather up all that! LOL! What you get on Crimbo Day is but of course a huge pressie – a Widescreen LCD TV!! Winning the big prize this Christmas will definitely be icing on the perfect cake.

Armed with Casino cards at just 25p each you can find these peachy Casino games under the 12 x £500 tab at Posh Casino at 8.15pm. You’ll have to buy a minimum of 1 Casino card but why not go all the way with the maximum 96 cards to give yourself the best chance at winning.

Play Casino online at Posh Casino and be the first to complete the coverall in this wonderful Casino game and getting your Casino on the Xmas Tree pattern – what else would it be! And don’t you just love this – the cash prizes will be credited into your account as soon as the Casino game is over! Yay!

Click here to play Casino online at Posh Casino now!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog bringing you the latest news and promotions in UK online Casino.

Win the exclusive 888ladies Casino Xmas Hamper!
December 13th, 2009

There’s a super exclusive offer going out this December especially for you from 888ladies Casino and Casinostreet! That’s right, we’ve got together to bring you a wonderful Xmas pressy!

888ladies Casino has an exciting online slot game – the X Factor Steps to Stardom slots which we think you’re going to love playing so we’ve come up with an equally exciting and tantalizing X Factor slot competition just for you Casinostreeters! Play the online slot machine which everybody on internet Casino is raving about and we’ll give you a scrumptious treat this Christmas!

From Tuesday 1st December till Saturday 19th December you get to participate in this competition at 888ladies Casino – to make the highest deposits for playing this online slot and win. What you get to win is a tempting Selfridges Xmas Hamper filled with all the decadent goodies you’d want during Christmas! And yes, we’re delivering it right to your doorsteps in time for the Christmas spread so hurry and stake your claim on this goodies filled basket.

You’ve got to love this attractive 23” wicker basket which is worth £275 and comes packed with champagne and rich wines, cheeses, English sweet biscuit and chocolate selections, Italian Panettone, jars of assorted sauces, olives, jam, brandy butter, tins of breakfast tea, hot chocolate and Cafetiére coffee and more including a delicious Christmas Pudding! Here, you can take a look at it yourself:

Now that you know what your Christmas present looks like go ahead and grab it at 888ladiesCasino! If you’re not yet a member then take this opportunity to create an account at this Casino site with an extra dollop of incentive of £5 bonus for signing up. Make a deposit and get going with this competition by wagering the most for playing the online X Factor slot.

With exactly a week remaining ride it to the top of this Casino promotion brought to you exclusively on 888ladies Casino and have a Christmas feast on us!

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Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog dishing up the latest Casino promotions and updates in UK online Casino just for you!

Join Team Casino at Wink Casino
December 12th, 2009

Wink Casino has a Team Casino promotion in which the participating teams get shuffled every two weeks and this Monday you could find yourself on a new team with lots of new friends. Getting randomly allocated to a team makes things interesting for everyone as it keeps you on your toes!

To begin with, if you’ve never participated in this Casino promotion at Wink Casino its easy when you get placed in an existing team rather than trying to set up one by yourself. And then you also get a chance to team up with more experienced Casino players to form a winning team for a fortnight!

For signing up in the Team Casino promotion at WinkCasino send in your entries before this Monday 14th December but if you can’t get in before this date then your entry can still be taken in for the next competition. Once you’re in this Casino promotion then you can just play Casino online and won’t need to bother sending in your entry again.

Get ready to join your new team this Monday and play online Casino games to add to your team’s score. Get your Casinos in 75-ball and full house wins in 90-ball Casino games in other Casino promotions between 8am and 11pm for your Team Casino. Watch your team’s score climb up on the leaderboard in this fortnightly competition as you play all your favourite Casino games at Wink Casino.

The prizes for the top 10 teams in the Team Casino competition at Wink Casino give you ample of reasons to play in this Casino promotion. The top team bags a cool 170,000 Casino points, the 2nd prize being 120,000 points; the 3rd placed team gets 70,000 points while the team in the 4th place wins 50,000 points. All the teams placed 5th-10th get 15,000 points each in this fortnight long Casino competition.

Click here to play Casino games at Wink Casino now!

You can use these Casino points for purchasing more Casino tickets but these are just extras that come on top of your full house wins and 75-ball wins as well as the new friends that you win at Wink Casino!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog bringing you the latest news and promotions in UK online Casino.

Moon Casino has Free Xmas Madness!
December 11th, 2009

Moon Casino has a super-duper Christmas party going on this December and I think this Free Christmas Madness at Moon Casino will make you loony! LOL!

In the Christmas Casino promotions at MoonCasino you get to play all your favourite online Casino games as well as slots and instant games and win all kinds of awesome free gifts from Sunday 6th December till Thursday 31st December, to put under your Christmas tree.

Moon Casino keeps it simple with the Win a Shopping Spree Casino promotion: they’re giving away Amazon shopping gift cards worth £50 each to 5 players who play the most on the Shopping Spree slot this December! This is the perfect gift for someone on your gift list whose choice you’re not too sure of so wrap it up and keep it under the tree.

You can also free iPods in 4 weekly tournaments at Moon Casino; you get a chance to win every week by collecting your iPod points. For the 1st week your time began from 6th December at 8am and ends at 8am on 13th December so you can play all this weekend to jump to the top of the leaderboard. Your 2nd chance comes from 13th December 8am till 20th December 8am, followed by the 3rd iPod week from 20th December 8am till 27th December 8am. The 4th iPod week which begins on 27th December at 8am goes right into the New Year till 3rd January 8am giving you the last chance to win your free iPod!

Earning your iPod points at Moon Casino is quite easy – a £10 wager when you play online Casino games or instant games gets you 5 points and you can also earn extra 5 points for inviting your friend to Moon Casino!

Click here to play Casino games at Moon Casino now!

And finally for the best Christmas Casino promotion at Moon Casino this December! There’s a free gifts room the ‘Free Xmas’ Room which opens from Sunday 13th December and you can win 4 new gifts every single day between 5pm-9pm! From best-selling CDs, DVDs, books to Mp3, perfumes, watches and even a diamond ring these gifts come specially customised for women or men! All you need to do for winning them is wager minimum £5 for playing Casino online!

Written by Lisa Sheldon for Casinostreet – your daily Casino blog dishing up the latest Casino promotions and updates in UK online Casino just for you!

Choosing Your casino Wagers
Sunday, November 9th, 2008

casino is not like traditional online gambling.  A video poker machine or slot machine has a certain amount you play per line. You also have the poker tables that require a couple of bets during the game. When you play casino online wagers you have an entrance fee into the game. Once you get into the game you are required to spend a little more to get the casino cards you will play. Let’s break this down a little further to help you understand how to chose your casino wagers.

Under the 75 ball casino section you might find 5p, 50p, and up to £1 in order to gain entrance into a casino game. These are the casino wagers you must pay and this is the area you have some control over how much you spend while you play casino online.

You may already have worked out how much money you want to spend in a month on casino wagers. This is often figured out based on your income and expenses that you have in your daily life.  The casino wagers are extraneous money you put towards hobbies. In a month you might have £100 left over after all expenses are paid. You decide of that £100 you want to spend £20 a month for online casino, plus some of the winnings you may earn. For example you might decide to play 20% of any winnings you earn and keep the rest.

If you have £20 to spend and you know you want to play at least 2 games of casino online each night, then you can’t spend £1 a game, you’d need to wager 50p or less on your casino games. In fact the 5p game might be more to your liking because you can play more than 62 games of casino online each month at this rate.

Of course you still have your online casino cards to purchase. This is different from the money you spend to get in to the game of online casino. Typically you have a range from £1 to £15, depending on the casino website to buy 1 casino card.  We will say that a casino site charges £6 for 6 casino cards. The entrance fee was 5p and you just spent £6 pounds – you now have less than £14 in your casino budget for the rest of the month – unless you hit the casino jackpot!

The amount of money you want to spend will determine the online casino wagers you make, but more than that you want to choose casino wagers that will help you get the most out of your casino budget each month.  The lower priced games usually have smaller jackpots, but then again you might have a better chance of winning or at least playing more games of casino online.

Written by Charlene Grey for – the top UK resource for casino online and bringing you the best casino promotions.

Online casino chatrooms – pick up hints and tips!
Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The world of online casino has a lot to offer a person. Most people play casino online for the possibility of winning one of the huge jackpots on offer. There’s also an increasing variety of side games available on casino sites, giving the player more freedom of choice in slots, casino games and even virtual scratchcards with even more jackpots.

But there is much more to casino online than the impressive jackpots. In the morph from casino halls to online casino, the chatroom feature that you’ll find in every online casino site worth its salt, encompasses the strong social community that is built around the traditional game of casino.

The chatroom feature allows real-time interaction between online casino players and the hosting site’s casino CM’s. Quite apart from the fun community and social aspect of the chatrooms, if you’re serious about playing casino online you can pick up a lot of hints and strategy tips from just mooching around in the casino chatrooms.

Whether you sign up for a real money account at an online casino site, or just register for fun, you’re usually granted access to the chatrooms. Some casino sites won’t allow you to interact in the chatrooms unless you become a depositing player, which is fair enough. However you can read the chats of other players, and if you’ve got a good pair of eyes (casino buddies type extremely fast) then you might just pick up some worthwhile strategy hints.

There are also many casino forums that talk about casino, and the best ways to play, the probability of numbers, how to choose your casino cards etc., so pick a casino Forum and start scanning the posts for useful information. Some of these forum sites also do live casino chat rooms where the talk is focused on casino. All the information you gather from various sources can be applied to your style of play.

casino chatrooms are a rich learning ground, especially for newbies to the casino online scene. Of course there’s no guaranteed strategy, as casino is a game of luck and chance and uses a highly sophisticated random number generator. But with a little work you can adapt your style and increase your chances of winning each time you play casino online – never a bad thing!

Once you’ve got your personal online casino strategies figured out, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the chatrooms for what they are, a great place to chat and meet with people who love to play casino online. The chatrooms offer you an opportunity to mingle with the casino crowd, chat about anything, and basically have some fun while you daub your casino numbers and play casino online.

Written by Charlene Grey for – the top authority in the UK for casino online with the best casino promotions.

Online casino Strategy – how to choose your casino cards
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Although casino is classed as a game of chance, we’ve got a few pointers for you to increase your chances of winning when you play casino online. There are two main types of casino games, in this article we’ll discuss the 75 ball casino variety and how you can better your chances of hitting those cool casino jackpots.

In 75 ball casino, you have a chance of 1 in 75 of getting a ball when the game of casino online starts. Before we get ahead ourselves though, let’s take a look at how the game of 75 ball casino is played.

When you play casino online of the 75 ball variety, your casino cards or tickets have a random selection of 25 numbers. During the casino game the numbers will be called out one by one, until a line, full house or pattern is won during play. In online casino this means that you have several chances to win the jackpot before someone else does. Each time a casino number is drawn it’s posted on the screen and you can either manually check your casino cards or use the handy auto-daub feature that most casino online websites offer.

So if the first number to be called is I 8, you can make the following deductions. You already know that in 75 ball casino there are 7 balls that end in the number 8. If 8 is on your casino card, then there are 6 casino balls left that will end in 8. This means your chance of getting another 8 is lower than for other numbers. Also, because 8 is an even number, your chances are further reduced as the number of remaining even casino balls has declined.

Online casino strategy is a way of looking at the probabilities that one number will appear over another. The online casino hopper you see on the computer screen is run by a Random Number Generator, which means that there isn’t a fixed pattern for the next casino numbers to be called. So if you are serious about improving your winning odds when you play casino online, you need to look at the casino cards you select.

The odds of drawing 25 winning online casino numbers from 75 casino balls before anyone else are not that high. However if you pay attention when you select your cards, you can increase your winning chances.

So if one of your online casino card choices shows the numbers 1 to 5 on the first row, in terms of probability you would do well to leave this card alone, however it’s still possible that these could very well be the winning casino numbers. You’ll find that the best online casino players select casino cards with an even scattering of even and odd, high and low numbers. Some even suggest that as more casino balls are drawn the numbers left in the casino hopper will be closer to 38, but this is an unproved bit of casino gossip.

Choose your casino online cards wisely and you could find that you’re hitting the online casino jackpots a lot more frequently!

Written by Charlene Grey for – Win a spectacular Pink Laptop in November in the casinoStreet Pink Laptop Giveaway!

 A fun evening playing casino online
Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Ever had one of those evenings when you’re at home, you don’t want to go out, but you’re kinda bored? Easy solution – spend the night playing casino online and you’ll find it’s pretty cheap too!

Most online casino sites have special games, with extra cheap tickets especially during the week, so just have a poke around your favourite casino sites to see what kind of casino action is on offer, and you can have a great evening of casino fun and entertainment – and maybe even hit one of those casino online jackpots!

Wink casino is one such casino site we’d recommend, as it has tons of action on every day of the week, 24 hours non-stop casino fun, so you can login and play casino online at anytime. With plenty of daily, weekly and monthly jackpot games, plus a whole load of exciting Slots, casino and Instant Win games, you’ll never have a bored evening again!

Wink casino have regular online casino games with pretty sizeable guaranteed casino jackpots, starting from £1,000 up to £10,000 monthly casino games. When the jackpots are guaranteed, this means that one lucky casino player MUST win the jackpot in that game and will take home the full prize.

These guaranteed jackpot casino games at Wink casino kick off regularly every month on specified dates:

•    £10,000 guaranteed jackpot – 10th of every month at 10pm
•    £5,000 guaranteed jackpot – 30th of every month at 10pm
•    £3,000 guaranteed jackpot – 20th of every month at 10pm
•    £2,000 guaranteed jackpot – 5th of every month at 10pm

Tickets for all these great casino games at Wink casino cost just £1 a ticket, and can be pre-purchased which is great, because if you have a hot date you can just pre-buy and your tickets will be played for you automatically in your absence. Usually there is a minimum purchase of 5 tickets for these games, but the great thing about pre-purchasing your casino tickets is that you can allocate a set casino budget for the month, to make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford.

So, the next time you’re twiddling your thumbs of an eve not knowing what to do, get on down to Wink casino and liven up the night with some hot casino action!

Written by Charlene Grey for – where you’ll find all the latest and greatest online casino action and the best casino promotions.

Online casino Loyalty Promotions
Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Have you noticed that there are an ever increasing number of casino online websites on the web? Perhaps you have noticed if you play casino a lot, but for someone new to the game it can be overwhelming to find so many different companies offering online casino. How do you choose between the different casino sites to find the one you like best?

Most of the time, you will discover that you are not able to view the casino games or the inner workings of the site until you register.  Sure you can always register and then let your account lapse, but that doesn’t seem like the best way to go. You can also read reviews about the site to determine if it sounds like a good place to play casino online.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to find the best casino siteyou’re your needs.  One of the many options you have to choose between is the casino loyalty promotions.  casino loyalty promotions are incentives to keep you playing at one casino site rather than moving on.  These casino loyalty promotions are different to your average casino promotions.

For a new player you have sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses, and other chances to win money, but the online casino loyalty promotions are more.  Typically these casino loyalty promotions are offered via email to the long time players or players who spend a great deal of money.  Sometimes that site will advertise their casino loyalty promotions on their site and other places on the web.  Other times the casino site will keep these casino loyalty promotions hidden until you have earned them.

It does make it a little harder to choose a casino site if you can’t find out what their casino loyalty promotions are; you can ask in chat rooms or even visit their news and online Casino batting sections.  These types of sites like to advertise what they offer to long standing customers.

The casino loyalty promotions can change over the years as well.  For example, Wink casino recently started offering 10% Cashback for Life, for any losses each week. In other words they will give you a little bit back of what you lost.  This is a great way to inspire loyalty and everyone can take advantage of it.

Other casino loyalty promotions offered are free casino cards or games for staying with their company for a period of time.  If you want to play casino online it’s definitely worth your while to research the casino loyalty promotions, which will help you to choose your casino online site wisely!

Written by Charlene Grey for – the top resource for UK casino online and the best free casino games.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

At various online gambling sites including online casino there is a potential to play blackjack. You can play casino blackjack, which is actually the same game as regular 21. We want you to have an edge to the game so we have come up with a casino blackjack strategy that may just work for you.  The casino blackjack strategy is not a hundred percent foolproof and that means we can’t guarantee a win every time.  In fact our strategy is just to increase your odds of winning over losing.  It is also about making the best decisions when you are playing the game.

The first thing you have to realise is that there are certain rules at a blackjack table for when you have to take another card.  Most blackjack games say you must take a card if you have a hand lower than 15.  This is not always the case and sometimes it only applies to the dealer.  However, you don’t want to stand on 15 anyway.  We will look at why in a little bit.

Our blackjack strategy is going to be about when to take a hit, stand, fold, double down, or split.  First you can only do a split when your first two cards are the same number.  In other words when you have two 10’s in your hand you could split.  Of course you are taking a big gamble with two 10’s.  Two ten’s makes a total of 20.  Unless the dealer gets 21 you win the game.  In this case or in the casino blackjack strategy you wouldn’t want to split the 10’s.  You have to place a second ante wager or beginning wager when you split, so why risk losing double the money if you can win instead?

You want to split when you have less than 17 as your total.  In other words if you have two 8’s you can split them for better chances.  You don’t want to hit on 16 because you have a higher potential to bust when you do.

Doubling down is when you decide you want to place a second wager and get one more card in the hopes that you win.  You can’t take another hit after you double down.  Again you want to be careful when you double down because you don’t want to bust your hand.  You also don’t want to have such a low hand that you are stuck losing the extra wager, plus the first wager.  For example if you have a 2 and a 3 you have five.  If you double down and get a 5 then you only have ten.  In this case the dealer really needs to bust for you to win.  You want to take a hit in our casino blackjack strategy when you have less than 15.  You should stand on 15 or above. We hope you find these hints helpful on your next game of casino blackjack!

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What is it about Playing casino?
Friday, October 31st, 2008

casino has been around for centuries, and in the UK it is still one of the most popular past times either on the internet or in casino halls.  To help you understand what it is that’s so special about playing casino we decided to do some research into the fun you can have while you play casino online.
casino halls were first created because people needed a place to play casino.  They also wanted to be a part of a community where they could see their friends on a weekly basis or more often.  This way they could gossip, share the new things in their life, and just have a great time playing casino.

The online casino scene didn’t want to lose this community feel.  They decided there needed to be something more than just the ability to play casino online.  This meant that live chat rooms needed to be attached to many of the games for those who want to chat before the game starts as well as during the game.

Friends can still meet up with other friends in the chat room, and it makes it easier for some of the people to stay in touch. With everyone moving around so much online rooms are the best way to keep in touch.  The added benefit of playing online casino makes it even better.

If you are not all about the chat rooms when playing casino there are definitely other perks that make the game fun.  You never know who the winner is going to be.  Sure sometimes luck may have the same person win a couple times in that day, but most often it is someone new every time.  The fact that you don’t know who the winner is just adds to the fun and anticipation of making the jackpot each time you play.

Besides being able to chat and win money you have the different types of casino promotions. Playing casino has become more of a competition for the online sites because there are so many of them. Places have to offer top of the line promotions to keep loyal customers. It also means that their site is going to have a lot to offer in the way of games and ease of use.

If you want to play casino online there are many things you have to consider when choosing a place to play, but more than that you want to have fun.  casino has lasted this long because it is a community game with a lucky future.

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Online casino cards and the Random Number Generator
Friday, October 31st, 2008

If you are used to playing casino at a casino hall you might find a few differences in the online casino world.  You know that casino halls allow you to keep the same cards for each game, or you can change them for new cards pretty much as you like.  However, the online casino cards work in a different way, as they are tied to the random number generator, or RNG, which is why you need new cards for each new game of casino online.

The random number generator powers the computer software so that the casino balls are offered in a random fashion. This programme is based on algorithms. The online casino cards use a similar random generator, and each time you join a game of casino online, new casino cards are created at random.
The reason you can’t keep playing with the same casino cards in online casino is that it would throw the RNG off balance, either giving you an unfair advantage or could even hinder your playing, so every player receives new randomly generated casino cards at the start of each fresh game of casino online to keep everything fair and as random as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind when talking about the probability of winning and online casino cards is that most players will play the maximum number of cards per game, so your chances of winning will increase with every casino card you purchase. Just remember that your online casino buddies will be doing exactly the same, keeping it a pretty even playing field.

You will want to take advantage of learning the different techniques of purchasing online casino cards, which we will explore in further articles. Any advantage you can gain in the game of casino online means you will succeed more often in winning the jackpots. In spite of casino being a game of luck there are still strategies to increase your winning chances when purchasing your casino cards to play casino online.
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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

If you are new to online casino it’s always a good idea to play free casino games before committing yourself to playing for real. Firstly you get free shots at the casino jackpots without spending a penny, and secondly you also get a chance to try the games and the casino website out for free.

You’ll find that most online casino sites offer free cash bonuses to new casino online players as a Welcome gift, they’re not hard to find. These free bonuses can range anywhere from £1 up to £15 or maybe even £20 if you’re really lucky. Usually the higher free bonuses are for a limited time only, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for a good casino bargain!

So you can take your time, swinging from casino site to casino site, and just playing the Free Welcome bonuses. Many casino online players play at more than one site, so as long as you can keep track of your logins and passwords you’ll be rocking with the free casino games.

Another thing to look out for are the first deposit bonuses on offer, again these vary from about 50% up to an unbelievable 300% extra cash on your deposit, making them a pretty solid investment and a definite boost to your free casino games budget.

Increasingly common among online casino sites are reload bonuses, where you can get up to 50% extra free each time you make a new deposit, again a great way to expand your casino budget.

The free bonus money you receive doesn’t always have to be played on casino games, many other games are available on casino sites such as slots, casino games, or even instant win games such as scratchcards – but rules can differ between casino sites so it’s a good idea to check first.

You’ll also find totally free casino games scheduled mostly during the week, or on holidays, where you don’t need to spend any money to enter but you have a chance of winning. Just keep an eye on the casino promotions page and the casino games schedules for advance warning of these free casino games.

Loyalty points can also be earnt in different ways, referring your friends, sending in photos, playing certain games, – this information can be found on the casino websites.

As a general rule, the best casino sites offer the best free bonuses, giving you more free casino games. It’s only natural that you want to try before you buy, so why would you choose a casino site that doesn’t offer any free casino bonus or free casino games? There are so many free offers available to choose from, you’ll have a wonderful time exploring them all at no cost to yourself, and playing the fabulous game of casino.

Written by Charlene Grey for – the UK’s top resource for casino promotions and the best free casino games.

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